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Dr. Katherine A. Wysocki

"Dr. Kaś" - Business & Life Skills Consultant ... 

                                                because business and life aren’t separate!

Every day, and all day, we have choices. We have choices about how and if we will do business, how we will treat one another, how we will treat ourselves, who and what’s important to us. In fact, once we’re adults, how we do everything we do, what we think and everything else about us that is not part of our genetic pattern is a choice. Most people are only somewhat aware of that. The more successful you are as a person the more you understand your choices are yours to make and that not making them is also a choice.    

Hiring a business and life skills consultant / life coach is a great way to recognize your choices as well as look at yourself from other points of view. Most people have a skewed vision of how they are in the world. They often think they are less than they are; less intelligent, less clueless, less fun, less serious, less talkative, less quiet, less open minded, less closed minded – you get the idea. Even the terminology we are raised with uses the concepts of “less” a great deal more often than “more”.    Even if you have a great deal of clarity about your own life you will never be completely able to see yourself as others do. Sooner or later everyone needs a mentor, coach, advisor, consultant.  You could engage your friends, who will be more or less willing and able to tell you the truth or you can hire a professional. The best thing about working with a professional is that they are trained to be objective and they hold a responsibility to you, the person who pays them. They are less concerned that you like them and more concerned about your success.

 Invest in Yourself….Call for your Coaching Session!  (760) 645-3918

I am located in southern California, but I am available to coach clients nationwide.

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   I have known Dr. Kas' for over a year since meeting her at a networking event in Corona. Her infectious smile and willingness to approach strangers & strike up a disarming, meaningful conversation is unparalleled. She really knows how to naturally attract the right people and situations into her life just by "showing up."


Honesty?  Definitely. Does she have the uncanny ability to ask her client the right questions to get them to re-frame their life and make that subtle shift? Absolutely. Discernment and intuition? Check. Fascinating and friendly? Double "yes."


It is truly a blessing to know Dr. Kas' Wysocki. I encourage you to take the time to meet her -- and even ask for a consultation!    Tony Calvano,  Riverside, CA

I work with people in business who want to have a great life and make money, too.

Call or e-mail for more information about custom workshops & seminars, one on one coaching, opportunities for group coaching and/or suggested reading.

Contact Dr Kaś Wysocki      Kas@DrKas.com   (760) 645-3918 

MY BLOG:  whatkasreadthismorning.wordpress.com

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