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Saturday, August 20, 2011   

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

2730 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA 9201

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A “Play-shop” for People Who No Longer Want to be Single

Is this the “playshop for you?

  • Do you have mixed emotions about being SINGLE ?

  • Have you made a list of all the “must haves” and “don’t wants” for a mate and they still haven’t shown up?

  • Do you look into your future and see yourself ALONE?

  • Are you “friends with benefits” and liking it less and less?

  • Are you attached to someone and still have no commitment?

  • Is he or she.... “just not into you?”

  • Are you dabbling at being matched up? Are you really not ready to make a commitment ?

  • Does you dog hate your girl/boy friend?

  • Are  “they” saying you’re just too picky?

  • Do you know what’s keeping you single but you’re not willing to change?

Then YOU want to come to this “Playshop!

Being Single can be cause for joy, a vexation to your soul, a dream for those attached to their “cell mate” instead of looking for their soul mate, or just a habitual state of being. Once you understand where you’re coming from you can decide where you really want to go. If you’re ready to open your life to “The ONE” or just getting ready to get ready, this is the place to start.

Kay Lowery, RG (resident genius) and Kaś Wysocki, PhD (Posthole Digger) have spent countless hours looking into these situations and have come up with information that will change your opinions and perhaps your single status as well.

Who knows? You may be going to dinner after with “The ONE”  (It could happen…)You may order lunch at your own expense or from the cash bar at any time. Make your reservations by phoning: 760-645-3918 or simply follow this link to pay 

Bring plenty of business cards and be prepared to tell us who your favorite client/customer is

Dr. Kaś Wysocki is known by her clients to be professional, honest, insightful and direct. She has been a business and life coach/consultant since 1993 working with people who want to have a great life and make money, too.

Seating is VERY limited

call     760-645-3918       to make your reservation

Dr Kaś- Business and Life Skills Consultant

– because business and life are not separate

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