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Workshops & Seminars 

Customized  ~ Unique  Personalized

Customized Workshops & Seminars  get customized pricing

Workshops & Seminars can be specifically designed for your unique group or corporation.  We will discover the situation and  each workshop is designed to address those special needs. Call or e-mail me for Custom CORPORATE WORKSHOP Information regarding your   company or group. If your organization or group needs a speaker...let's talk about it!

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Personal Empowerment Workshops

(Prepared in Advance)

by Dr. Kaś Wysocki



      If this is used as a keynote we would select 3-4  topics for a 30 – 45 minute talk. The workshop is 2, 3 or 4 hours  depending upon how well each topic is covered. Learn how to increase productivity and profits through learning the art of motivation. Attendance at this workshop to learn how to achieve life and work balance for maximum success. The workshop is  presented  in three segments. They are self motivation, minimum daily requirements, and motivating others.

These other topics will be covered in the workshop:

Identify What Really Motivates Me ~ What Do I Really Want – Shoulds, Coulds, and Woulds ~ To and For whom am I responsible    ~ Identifying Desired Results  ~ Work Smarter, NOT Harder      ~ Daily Work Practices & Habits   ~ Know your product – Selling is Listening, Not Telling    ~ How Motivation Works – What we all have in common  ~  How to Find Out What Others Really Want

    HOW TO MANIFEST ANYTHING               

Yes! You can have anything you want! This is a 2 Hour interactive workshop for those who want to learn how to use some of the Universal Laws to manifest whatever they need, want, desire, find out what  to do, how to be and what to change! Some of the topics covered are:

Designing Your Life  ~ Attitudes vs. Actions ~ Knowing Where You Are ~How to Get Where You Want to Go ~ What Was I Thinking? ~ How to Change & When

This workshop will help you to change your focus, your thinking, your actions and your life! This stuff works!  Prosperity and Abundance, Money, Vacation, Furniture, New Car, anything!   45 minute keynote or 2 hour workshop


We all have habits we’d like to be rid of. This is an interactive workshop that will show you a complete, useful system for relinquishing any “bad habit” you wish to eliminate.  This system has been used for everything from quitting smoking to ending nail biting to changing unattractive speech patterns.  Once you know and use the techniques; you can apply them to any habit you want to get rid of. These techniques work for big, bad habits as well as little annoying ones. Worksheets are included in the 2 hour workshop and it’s a good 30 – 45 minute keynote.


There are many myths about making choices and decisions. One of them is that everything hangs on making the “right” choice. In both our private life and at work we need to make decisions, and in order to make good decisions we need to be able to think clearly, recognize and weigh up evidence effectively. The choices we make greatly affect our lives and the lives of those around us, so it is important to be able to make good decisions as often as possible. This discussion highlights the pitfalls in decision making and provides a strategy for helping make choices that feel right. Worksheets are included. It’s a good 30 minute keynote or 4 hour workshop.


This workshop comes complete with a workbook. It recognizes and uses proven techniques to adjust attitudes, set goals, get organized, have joy in your life and the time to both work and play. Everyone can be unlimited…if they know how. The workshop takes 1 – 4 hours and includes a workbook. This also makes a good 20 minute warm up or 45 minute keynote talk.


Do you remember staying up all night worrying? Or, perhaps you can’t concentrate on something because another thing keeps filling up your mind.  The ability to concentrate is key to both long term successes and daily accomplishments. Knowing how to focus, and also re-focus, is the key to those accomplishments and goals. Better yet, with practice you can have it all! time to concentrate, and, time to worry (if you feel the need) and still get a good night’s sleep.  Worksheets 1-5 hours


Self explanatory.  We cover both personal and other directed motivation techniques. The workshop includes much discussion and a work sheet. It’s a good 30 minute keynote or a workshop that takes 1 ½ to 3 hours. It is similar to but not the same as “How to Motivate Yourself and Others”


New as well as tried and true approaches to goal setting goal setting. Longer versions of this workshop also address  accomplishing your goals, personal mission statement  and more. Personal inventory questionnaire, worksheets.  30 minute keynote and up to 5 hours for the workshop.


Like goal setting, the power of intention is a useful tool for getting things done. Understanding the power of intention, how to set intentions, drawing the people to you who will contribute to your projects and when and if  it’s appropriate to change those intentions will help in all aspects of living.  This workshop includes a worksheet and can be as brief as 45 minutes for a keynote or up to 4 hours long.


All professional people need to do some public speaking, whether it’s an “elevator speech”, a lecture or workshop, or communicating with peers or subordinates. You will learn to dress for the part you want to play, speak with appropriate volume and vocal variety, create presence with and without speaking, make an entrance and many more intertwined subjects. With breakout sessions and breakout  practice sessions this workshop will take 2 6+hour days. However, it can be presented in as little as 3 hours with minimum practice time. This is not a good keynote topic. 

Dr. Katherine A. Wysocki often tailors  these workshops for use in corporate and departmental team building exercises. She will also create custom workshops and speeches for your particular needs. Contact her for more information and fees.  

Mastermind Groups and In House Group Coaching

·         Create real progress in your business

·         Borrow on the experience and skills of the other members, and your expert facilitator

·         Increase your confidence

·         Give and get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming

·         Solve problems that have been stumping you for a long time

·         Make decisions instead of staying stuck

·         Find many creative ideas by brainstorming with others

·         Create action plans and have the group hold you accountable

·         Receive critical insights into yourself and your business

·         Work ON your business, not just IN it

·         Sharpen your business and personal skills

·         Get immediate training -- need to learn something quick? Just ask!

·         Add an instant and valuable support network -- a sense of shared endeavor - don't go it alone any more

What Topics Are Discussed in Group Meetings?

Members bring a wide range of questions and challenges to the Mastermind Table and include:

·         Brainstorming and planning for new or improved products or services

·         Marketing, including internet marketing (best practices, how-to's)

·         Increasing sales; boosting profits

·         Creating clarity and focus

·         Employee, vendor, subcontractor, and colleague issues

·         Motivation or feeling stuck

·         Office administration and streamlining

·         Managing time effectively

·         Finding a balance between work life and personal life

·         Strategic business planning for the future

·         Making use of technology and internet tools

·         Personal issues that impact your business

·         Taking your business to the next level

·         Branding and imaging

·         Short- and long-term decision making


“Business & Life Skills Consultant”   

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MY BLOG:  whatkasreadthismorning.wordpress.com

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